Monday, September 15, 2014

David Millar to ride Bec HC

Details on the CTT website

Apparently Millar plans to finish his career off with a club level event - the Bec Hill Climb.

No doubt Garry Beckett's persuasiveness has something to do with it. :)

Will be interesting to see how Millar compares with the record and Gary Dodd's time(s).


Monday, September 08, 2014

Kent CA 12hr - provisional result

Kent CA 12hr
Club Event
Sunday 7th September 2014

No  NAME             Dist    HcpD    Hcp  Plus  VetStd  Scr/Hcp
37  Simon Waller     163      193    30m                 3 / 4
41  Simon Trehearn   183      183    Scr  -42m  225m     4 / 3

Not only are the distances provisional, but Frank had a very early start yesterday morning to time the 25, and the result he issued for the 12hr has at least some of the information transposed between the riders, so I am guessing that it was all of the info and assuming that Simon T was the faster of the two riders.

My information is that despite it being a good day for the 25, the start of the 12hr was delayed by 30 minutes due to mist/fog on the course and that both our riders were sick during the event (both of them????) and that they both made it to the finishing circuit to be assured of a distance credited to them, but both packed before running out their full time.

I look forward to hearing more about the event from the participants - remember both you and future long distance riders can learn from when things go horribly wrong.

Congrats to both Simons for finishing despite their problems.


SCCU 25 - result

Southern Counties Cycling Union
25 Mile Club Event
Sunday 7th September 2014

No  NAME            Time     Hcp/T    Hcp    Plus   VetStd   Scr/Hcp  Award
37  Joe Bertorelli 1-05-12  1-01-57   3:15   +7:31  1:12:43   7 / 2  1st Pl
59  Rachel Watkins 1-06-56    55-56  11:00  +10:15  1:17:11   4 / 7  1st Hcp
19  Simon Mitchell 1-07-14    59-14   8:00   +3:53  1:11:07   6 / 4
11  Mike Morley    1-07-58    58-20   9:30  +15:46  1:23:44   5 / 5  PB
64  Jake Dodd      1-08-13  1-01-58   6:15   +8:24  1:16:37   3 / 2
108 Philip Burgin  1-09-56    56-56  13:00   +7:49  1:17:45   4 / 6
34  Lee Jardine    1-14-31  1-02-31  12:00   -4:58   1:9:33   2 / 2
29  Grant Pyke     1-23-22  1-01-22  15:30  +11:43  1:27:35   3 / 3  TRIKE
39  Ken Williams   1-25-30  1-02-30  23:00   +0:47  1:26:17   2 / 2
77  Alex Kew         DNS              Scr            1:7:30


Thanks to whoever provided our marshalling commitment to the SCCU - let me know who you are and I will update this post for the records.

Saturday, September 06, 2014

September 7th - start sheets

Southern Counties Cycling Union
25 Mile Club Event
Sunday 7th September 2014
Start Sheet

No   NAME               HCP     VetStd     START
11   Mike Morley        9-30    1-23-44     7-11
19   Simon Mitchell     8-00    1-11-07     7-19
29   Grant Pyke        15-30    1-27-35     7-29
34   Lee Jardine       12-00    1-09-33     7-34
37   Joe Bertorelli     3-15    1-12-43     7-37
39   Ken Williams      23-00    1-26-17     7-39
59   Rachel Watkins    11-00    1-17-11     7-59
64   Jake Dodd          6-15    1-16-37     8-04
77   Alex Kew           Scr     1-07-30     8-17
108  Philip Burgin     13-00    1-17-45     8-48

1st Hcp & 1st Fastest

Kent CA
12hr Club Event
Sunday 7th September 2014
Start Sheet
No  NAME              HCP     VetStd    START
37  Simon Waller     30mls              06-06
41  Simon Trehearn    Scr     225mls    06-10

Note: I think the organiser has printed a slight error in the start time by one minute.


Tuesday, September 02, 2014

The Phoenix does it again 24hr Nat Champs

Well done one and all who helped and supported all our riders. The official result after much effort by Mick Kilby landed through my letter box today. Simon Trehearn, Paul Day & Ann Bath did a total of 939.01 miles to gain second team place in the Championship. A credit to our club and just reward to Brian Powney and all his team in marshaling so much effort to support us over the weekend and particularly through the night. Jules gets recognition for her sterling work through the night to help us through that trying night circuit and my agony in particular.
The result sheet also mentions that all finishers will receive a plaque also donated by Ann and I think that is very generous of Ann.
I also get full recognition and although I am a DNF I am officially credited with a 199.3 mile 12hr distance. To that end I thank Frank if in any way he helped here and I would ask if the KPRC committee can formally credit me this year with that 12hr distance as due to family commitments on 7 Sept I was unable to enter the KCA 12 hour as I had intended to do and with my present form would expect to have gone over 200 miles.
If anyone has an opinion on this and would care to post a comment either way I would be grateful!

On another subject I went to the grand re-opening of the Burford Bridge last night and it all looks very splendid. Access to the Barn is now from the hotel and subject to no more floods I expect our club dinner next year to be a resounding success and I am sure that Brian will make sure that it is so! I may post some pictures of the refurbishment at least of the angel that played the harp.
Best regards to all MMHM

Hilly 12 - Result

36th Club Hilly 12 Mile Time Trial (GS/281)
Club Hill Climb Championship
Sunday 31st August 2014

Name              Time    HcpT    Hcp      Points    Awards
Alice Lethbridge  35-35   Kingston Wheelers
Simon Trehearn    36-17   36-17   Scr       7/2    1st Place
Matthew Whitaker  36-45   Kingston Wheelers
David Watt        37-03   36-03   1:00      6/2
Steve Hillier     39-26   33-56   5:30      5/6    2nd Hcp
Joe Bertorelli    40-08   34-08   6:00      4/5
Rohan Dubash      41-06     PTT
Phil Todd         42-15   37-15   5:00      3/2
Mike Morley       42-23   34-53   7:30      2/3    PB
Andy Avis         43-47   34-32   9:15      2/4
Stuart Downie     44-31   33-31  11:00      2/7    1st Hcp
Jo Whiting        44-45   Addiscombe CC
Steve Rigby       44-46   Addiscombe CC
Chrystal Sheldon  45-32   36-32   9:00      2/2
David Vine        46-59   35-59  11:00      2/2

DNS: Gavin Hughes, Alex Kew (Apol), Ann Bath
Simon Trehearn to hold the Pete Mitchell Trophy

Matthew Whitaker    1-51.84
Alice Lethbridge    1-55.02
David Watt          2-03.71    7  Men’s Club Hill Climb Champion
Steve Rigby         2-04.21
Simon Trehearn      2-05.10    6
Steve Hillier       2-13.01    5
Joe Bertorelli      2-24.96    4
Jo Whiting          2-26.28
Mike Morley         2-29.76    3  PB
Rohan Dubash        2-32.01
Phil Todd           2-34.11    2
David Vine          2-47.54    2
Chrystal Sheldon    2-50.35    4  Women’s Club Hill Climb Champion
Stuart Downie       2-52.84    2
Andy Avis           2-58.73    2

Many thanks to the following for making this a safe event

Mickleham - Judy & Nicholas Margery.
Into Box Hill - Carolyn, Iain & Ben Margery.
Headley Grove - David Margery.
Clay Lane - Frank Powney.
A24 - Russell Williams.
Beaverbrook Rbt - Deborah Hurst
Hill Climb Start Timekeeper - Doreen Powney.


Our last club event of the year is the Consolation on Sunday 21st Sept. Due to road works for our 25, this year it will be10 miles on our usual course starting at 08-45. Entries to Alex as usual.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Back Across The Pyrenees

Like all my high mountain rides, this one came from winter dreaming.  In the grey days of February I was casting around for something suitable when I chanced upon a tour called the 'Pro Strength' Coast to Coast, offered by a company called Pyractif.  The route is from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean taking in many classic cols linked by decent road mileages.  Not as hard as last summer's Raid Dolomites, but a good ride nonetheless.  Internet reviews were good, and for me it had the advantage of being an entirely commercial offering.  So if I were to get a bit lazy and hitch a lift in the van on a hot day then I wouldn't be disqualified, as you would be on a proper Raid.  An exchange of emails, a deposit paid and the deed was done.

A week ago I flew to Toulouse where I met Henk, Sam and Craig, three of my fellow riders. We were picked up by Helen in one of the support minibuses and taken to Pyractif's base at Bertren.  We assembled our bikes, picked up Peter, another member of the support team, and drove to Biarritz.  Here we met Chris, the ride leader, and the rest of the party.  Substantially British, but with Australian, Canadian, Dutch and New Zealand riders, there were seventeen of us.  The rest of them looked unreasonably fit, and unreasonably young too.  All were experienced mountain riders and all had ridden in the Pyrenees before.  Hard ride coming.

Next morning we set off to the seaside for a departure snap, then the ride began; 103 miles and about 9000 feet of climbing on the first day; more to come as we hit our stride.  In all I clocked about 450 miles and 48,000 feet of climbing before we arrived at the Mediterranean on Friday morning.  We did most of the classic cols - Marie Blanque, Aubisque, the Tourmalet-Aspin-Peyresourde 'Circle of Death', Portet d'Aspet, Port de Pailheres and plenty of others.  A very good ride, and good weather too.  We had a bit of drizzle for a couple of hours on Wednesday morning, but otherwise it was a blue sky ride, which is a blessing in the Pyrenees.

Support arrangements were good, as I have come to expect on these trips.  Two vans, mechanical support, a lead rider on many of the passes and convenient and enjoyable alfresco lunches.  Decent enough hotels - truth to tell, there's not that much choice if you're crossing the Pyrenees.  If you run a hotel that's good for cyclists you'll have plenty of custom in the summer season, and I've stayed in several of them before.  They know their business.

My riding companions were a great bunch and touchingly considerate of an old man; I had a great time. There were some very fancy bikes, but few problems.  One set of carbon rims repeatedly caused punctures - mainly heat blow-outs on the descents - but another pair (Zipp 404) were trouble free.  There were a number of sets of electronic gears, Campag and Shimano, no problems with them, and most people were running 11 speed.  All frames carbon, all light builds.  I took my Condor and all I had to do was wash it.  Great bike.

So, if you're looking for a hard ride in the mountains that's a little out of the ordinary, give this one a shot.  You won't be disappointed.