Friday, August 15, 2014

Afternoon 10 - start sheet

Saturday August 16th 2014

No Name              Hcp     VetStd   Start Time
 1 Deborah Hurst     9-30    29-34     14-01
 2 Ken Williams     11-00    33-50     14-02
 3 Angie Launder    11-45    33-18     14-03
 4 Mark McNamara    13-00    33-50     14-04
 5  David Watt       2-15              14-05
 6 Robyn Yates     Addiscombe CC       14-06
 7 Emma Potter     Kingston Wheelers   14-07
 8 Rachel Watkins    7-45    30-02     14-08
 9 Philip Burgin     8-00    30-16     14-09
10 Russell Williams  2-00    27-20     14-10
11 Alex Kew          2-15    26-06     14-11
12 Steve Hillier     4-15    28-52     14-12
13 Simon Waller      5-00              14-13
14 Marcus Edwards    Scr     27-33     14-14

1st Fastest
1st & 2nd Hcp

Frank Cubis

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Climbing Everest via Boxhill

Tomorrow, Roger Barr, a Thames Turbo triathlete, will be attempting to ascend the equivalent height of Everest on Boxhill, which will mean he will be riding up it 71 times! Apparently, he would like some encouragement so if you are planning a training ride out that way tomorrow, then it might be worth swinging by and giving him some encouragement.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Prudential London Surrey 86

As Mark states, weather for participants depended on start time and, for me, it was wet, very wet, torrential and, at all times, gusty winds, with a few minutes of sunshine to delude one into a sense of well being. Irrespective of the rains, the saving grace was that it remained a pleasant temperature.

Deborah Hurst and I started at 8:10 am having waited patiently in our 'wave pen' for an hour. Russell, not having got a place in the ballot, graciously drove us to Blackwall Lane and we started at 5:45 to ride the 7 miles to the start - weather at this point was dry and pleasant.

In the pen, I met up with Paul Kelly's (of Midweek Wayfarers fame, etc) wife, Vicky, who I used to coach when we members of Horseferry Rowing Club (now defunct). By coincidence, at the finish I met a 'girl' (now married with 2 children) that I coached at MAABC,  my current club.

At the start, DH was rapidly away and I went at, for me, a fast pace through London (tagging onto suitable groups/ individuals as available) and my first stop was MAABC toilets - clean and warm - taking the opportunity to dump my sweat ridden arm warmers into the Captain's rucksac - wonder if he's still a mate?

Rejoining the event, a pleasant ride to Richmond Park until everyone came to a halt shortly after Pembroke Lodge. It transpired that rivers of mud were flowing down the hilly sections and we were reduced to walking or standing still, in hail-like rain, for the next 20 minutes or so. Exited the park to find the Kingston floods, again bringing progress to to walking pace for about 10 minutes. Particularly galling to see the early starters returning on the other side of the road which was not water logged.

Eventually normal progress was resumed and apart from negotiating large and small puddles, all was straightforward with good warning given by hi-clad stewards.

Chain drop just prior to the climb to Newlands Corner rendered my 'granny' ring unavailable and, with some trepidation, set off towards Newlands but made it comfortably even though many were walking (probably would have been my fate if LH and BH hadn't been deleted from the route).

My diet of Jordan's breakfast bars, SIS gels and fluids served me well, supplemented by a cup of tea and a doughnut at the Fairfield Centre at the Leatherhead Hub.

The ride to the finish was without incident except, shortly before Kingston, seeing a young, male rider, lying spread eagled and being tended to by a medical team.

Nice to see that the medals were year updated and were 'gold' instead of last year's 'silver'.

Got back to Russell's having completed 106 miles and was treated to barbecued steak and a glass of red wine.

The Good. Tremendous improvement in starting arrangements.

The Bad.   Lack of common sense among the 'speedier' riders of all ages for slower riders.

The Ugly. Roads bestrewn by gel wrappers, drinks bottles and INNER TUBES..

Ah, well, the ballot opens next Monday for 2015.

Alex's Hilly 12 training

Congratulations to Alex who completed the Alpe d'Huez Triathlon (result) last week. Following a dip in a pretty chilly alpine lake the Alpe d'Huez Triathlon includes cycling the legendary 21 hair pin bends (with a maximum gradient of 13%) and then a run around the ski resort at the top...... Box Hill at the end of this month should be no problem, and we promise we won't make him get off at the top and complete a run - he's obviously pretty serious about retaining the Hilly 12 Trophy!

This also came just days after he (and Simon T.) were two members of a relay team of five that ran in the 24 hour Thunder Run - each member of the team ran 50km over the 24 hours......... preparing for another 24 hour event (in due course) I wonder?!

438 Alex KEW  Kingfisher Triathletes    2:47:16.27
Swim  -   26:36.15
T1    -    4:03.02
Bike  - 1:38:49.23
T2    -    1:41.79
Run   -   36:06.08
Climb of Alpe d'Huez (bike) - 1:10:42.82

1 Tom RICHARD Poissy Triathlon  1:54:41.26 (Winner)
Swim  -   15:23.11
T1    -    1:24.93
Bike  - 1:12:06.09
T2    -      39.57
Run   -   25:07.56
Climb of Alpe d'Huez (bike) - 47:35.31

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Prudential London Surrey 86

Well, that was a rough old ride.  People's experiences will have differed depending on their start times, but basically you got a dry bit, a wet bit, a very wet bit and then a fairly dry bit.  There was a very great deal of water around, both at the sides of the road and across it.  At Oxshott and Esher there were hub-deep floods under the railway bridges, and there were still large puddles across the road on the Embankment, a couple of miles from the finish.

I thought the event was well run.  I was shepherded into my start pen, along with thousands of others, on time and got away promptly.  The peloton effect of last year, which enabled greater speed, worked well for a bit but fell off once the rain started, for obvious reasons.  But there was still a high level of camaraderie and, if you close the roads, 24,000 riders can have a good day out without much mischief occurring.

Spectators were, unsurprisingly, fewer, but the charities put on noisy and encouraging displays to support their riders.  I thought the cheerleading pom-pom dancers at Kingston were complete heroines - they were dancing in the rain on my way out, and were still there, still in the rain, on my way back a couple of hours later.

I was disappointed - as were many others - that the route was shortened because of the weather and Leith Hill and Box Hill were removed from the course.  I had been looking forward to these.  But the reason for the change was the fear of crashes on the descents due to standing water.  It is hard to argue with this, as there was a lot of standing water.

On the way out I saw John Beer at Hampton - I shouted but I don't think he saw me.  Most rain capes look the same.  On the way back I saw Terry on the cycleway near Denbies.  We did see each other and he shouted kind words of encouragement.  Stephen Roche was in the wave in front of me at the start - closest I'll come to riding with a Tour de France winner - and I saw Laura Trott and her Dad at Weybridge.

My plan had been to improve on last year's time by cunning tactics.  I planned to save time by not going in to the busy food hubs, and by not having a puncture.  This half worked - I didn't go in to the food hubs.  But I did get a puncture four miles from the finish.  Hey ho - there were a lot of punctures about on the wet roads.  While I was fixing it a marshal ran up and asked if I had requested medical assistance.  No, I said, but if one of those Mavic support cars is about it would be very handy.  He looked as if I was a loony and ran off to find his medical emergency.  No sympathy.

So I did get a better time, but by the not entirely satisfactory method of riding a shorter distance.  Accurate apportionment is mathematically improbable, so I'll have to wait until next year to find out.

As far as I know all of our riders finished, and I bet they were pleased with themselves and have tales to tell, too.  I look forward to hearing them.


Thursday, August 07, 2014

Eve 10 #8 - result

Wednesday August 8th 2014

No  Name               Time     Hcp/T   Hcp   Vets  VetStd  Scr/Hcp  Awards
20  Russell Williams   23-58    22-13   1:45  +3-22  27:20   7 / 2   1st Place
15  Simon Trehearn     24-15    22-15   2:00  +1-50  25:30   6 / 2   2nd Place
11  Phil Todd          25-25    21-10   4:15  +0-41  26:06   5 / 6   3rd Pl/2nd Hcp PB
22  James Roberts      25-28    21-13   4:15                 4 / 5   3rd Hcp
27  Salim Mohamed      25-58    22-58   4:45
25  Richard Addis      26-04     PTT
19  Robyn Yates        26-11    Addiscombe CC
28  Steve Hillier      26-17    21-32   4:45  +2-35  28:52   3 / 2
10  Joe Bertorelli     26-27    22-27   4:00  +1-45  28:12   2 / 2
29  Mike Morley        26-29    21-29   5:00  +6-17  32:46   2 / 2   PB
16  Jake Dodd          26-44    21-44   5:00  +3-04  29:48   7 / 2   1st Woman
12  Ross Gentry        27-32     PTT
 6  Gavin Hughes       27-38    21-38   6:00  -0-44  26:54   2 / 2
17  Emma Potter        28-10    Kingston Wheelers
26  Mark Cowood        28-35     PTT
 7  Andy Avis          28-44    20-59   7:45  -0-58  27:46   2 / 7   1st Hcp
21  Steve Rigby        29-17     PTT
 8  Grant Pyke         30-21    21-36   8:45  +3-34  34:06   2 / 2
14  Philip Burgin      30-29    22-29   8:00  -0-13  30:16   2 / 2
13  Natalie Gentry     31-25     PTT
24  Sam Pickup         31-31    22-46   8:45  -3-58  27:33   6 / 2
 3  Deborah Hurst      32-09    22-24   9:45  -2-35  29:34   5 / 2
 4  Patrick Ryan       32-12    21-27  10:45  -1-56  30:16   2 / 2
 5  Angie Launder      33-19    21-19  12:00  -0-01  33:18   4 / 4   ARR
 2  Mark McNamara      35-22    21-22  14:00  -1-32  33:50   2 / 3

 9   Jennie Chapman   DNS               9:45  27:59
23   Rachel Watkins   DNS (Apol)        7:45  30:02
25   Marcus Edwards   DNS (Apol)        0:30  27:33
30   Stuart Pearce    DNS (Apol)         Scr

£10 donated by Simon Waller to member riding road bike = no disc wheels, aero bars or pointy hat.
The winner Andy Avis

Frank Cubis

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

More Pics from SDW MTB

Where it all started Guildford Station

 Our Leader
 Fields of wild flowers to go with the wild bunch of KPRC MTB'ers
Where it all ended thanks to Alfred the Great (or was it where it all started). Actually it all ended in Wetherspoons Winchester before we all went our separate ways hom. Thanks to Trevor for the lift in his Transit from Woking to Epsom Downs where Barry and I got soaked on the last leg home.