Sunday, October 04, 2015

BEC Hill Climb Sunday 11 Oct 2015 start 2pm

Well KPRC riders we are lucky (well at least me!) to get on the start sheet as there is a reserve list of 10 riders. Our rider positions are:
No. 4 Mike M.
No. 9 Simon T
No. 16 Alex K
No. 27 David W
No. 34 Dale L

The start is 2pm after the Catford in the morning on York Hill. One reason I believe that we got on the start sheet is because KPRC members have always supported the event even over the lean early years when the event did not attract full fields. We have always had many members act as spectators and that is recognized by the organizer. So Please members turn out in full as much as you can to support our five riders. Not sure if that's a record entry for KPRC. I know that Gary Dodd has won this event more than once but maybe not as KPRC.
The weather forecast is favourable at the moment thank goodness. I remember riding out some years ago when I was a member of SRCC and we had snow and horrendous cold rain!

Well Dale after your Triathlon in Barcelona you should be screaming fit - well done we at KPRC are proud of you and happy to have such a fast rider developing our club capabilities and profile - keep it up!
Best of luck to all!

Novel Hill Climb Event Redhill/Dorking CC

Last year Frank Cubis timed this very interesting hill climb event which takes place on the newly surfaced track behind Denbies. Franks enforced absence was missed by the organizers Dorking CC and Reedhill CC but the event went off very smoothly with generous sponsorship and good prizes.
The event started at 8.30am with the first round of 66 riders including sadly only 4 ladies. Jake maybe you should have a go next year. There were a number of DNS including last years lady winner Maryka Sennema along with about 10 men.
The event starts off with two riders setting off together and riding an elimination. The first over the line goes forward to the next knock out round and so on the the Final and Semi Final.
Last years second lady Alice Lethbridge was the winner of the ladies and the winner of the men's was rider number 1 (not sure name as start sheet I have is smudged). Photo however below with partner at the finish!

Dale Lush at Ironman Barcelona

As if tearing up the TT courses of Surrey was not enough, Dale Lush took part in Ironman Barcelona today and absolutely smashed it with a time of 9:43:40, which included a 4:41 bike leg followed by a 3:41 marathon. Dale was aiming for a sub 10hour time having recently raced 10:02, so to take over 18 minutes off shows how fast he's going at the moment.

This is a brilliant achievement and saw Dale ending up being 58th in his very competitive age group  and 224th overall. Chapeau Dale.

Lush, DaleGBR5822401:14:1704:41:1003:41:1609:43:40

Sunday, September 20, 2015

KPRC Zeppelin

Thanks to Steve for organizing a great night at the Epsom Playhouse preceded by a pint before and after at the Albion. Garry was not as impressed by this tribute group as much as he was by another group seen two years ago. I was thoroughly impressed by the lead guitarist Mark who was amazing, the lead singer had such a high pitched voice it was unreal and out of this world, in fact he sounded like a cat being castrated. Talking of which there are some very good offers on items a Robert Dias at moment. I bought a liquidizer and non stick pans which our cat Daisey took a liking to hence the last picture. Strange creatures cat's perhaps that why my wife likes them!

Monday, September 14, 2015

The importance of marshals

Watch all the way to the end...


Tour of Britain Finish in London

Having competed in the Interclub I ducked out of Tanhouse Farm and went up to London to see the finish of the T de Brit. Riding my Raleigh Randonneur I met with C&M at the Spoons Whitehall near Trafalgar Sq. a good vantage point but the riders came through so fast they were just a blurr. Ed was there along with Andy Coxhill & Paul Day.
Once the riders had flashed past on the opposite side could be seen Jen & Simon so I took a tele-photo. After the proceedings I just went and had some fun with Mark Cavendish's team and got arrested not by the police put by paramedics on Bikes. I'd like to be one of them!
Finally I went to China Town for a slap up Buffet for £8.50 and stuffed myself silly with as much as you like including loads of Chilly Prawns in shells and lots of crispy duck, noodles, rice, chickens wings etc etc.
As a night cap I went to Molly Moggs near Stringfellows for the most outrageous performance by a regular drag artist with the most amazing voice and provocative style. Having ridden out 29 miles I caught the 9pm train home from London Bridge.

Here are some photos.

Redmon/Phoenix Interclub KPRC Team

Well hard luck the "Phoenix" as Alex says one to take back next year, Below are the vanquished but not the extinguished!

Looking at the link of the results on the Redmon Blog it seems that Simon T and I DNS! Well I accept that Simon pulled his wheel over at the start but he did finish. I was 10 secs late on the line and if I recall did a 1:15: 27 or something what a horrible return leg up the A24 from Great Dau R.B. through Kingsfold etc. It was good to see Ron waiting at a Bus Stop while cheering us on and well done Brian for shooting down to Broadbridge after pushing off and marshal at the trading estate R.B.

I look forward the comparison handicapping of yours, Jake, me and anyone else. I must say Marcus I expected you to go well under the hour! Non the less when I spoke to Frank this morning he tells me you broke the KPRC 10 record recently not quite doing a 19 minutes! Well done